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Mindful and OHMazing® Strategies for Students and Teachers


Yoga in public schools is exercise, not religion.


Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® offers two programs for educational sites:

  • Mindful and OHMazing® Strategies for Students and Teachers (MOSST) In-Services/Retreats, Trainings and Workshops (see video below sharing data and experiences from a pilot program at Cinco Ranch Montessori School),

  • MOSST Bilingual Educational & Interdisciplinary Kits: I Am OHMazing® and Reading Heroes.


FMI on bringing mindful movement and breathing to your school or educational space, see our page on MOSST Inservices and Retreats or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


           mariposa with cards 


 “The In-Service training Dr. Reese
gave was a wonderful benefit to the
teachers. They were very enthusiastic
and were excited to take back what
they learned to their classrooms. They
have each set up an I Am OHMazing®
Space in their rooms. I'm also witnessing
change everyday not just among the
children, but I'm also seeing positive
change in the teachers. I foresee
integrating this approach throughout the
entire school,” states Rebecca Hollingsworth,
Director of Cinco Ranch Montessori School.

Students in Corpus Christi Independent School
District participated in a pilot program wherein
Yogiños was integrated into existing PE curricula.


MOSST increases self-regulation abilities—cultivating calmness, anti-anxiety and focus—among people with various needs, including challenges with sensory processing, attention deficit and hyperactivity. Our programs include:

  • Engaging teacher, faculty and staff in-services or trainings with follow-up visits or meetings
  • Interactive, site-specific docent and volunteer trainings
  • Bilingual Educational Kits with Interdisciplinary Curricula
  • Lively PTO Presentations and Parent Workshops
  • FMI: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Why Yogiños: Yoga for Youth®?
    Our own evidence-based research reveals that after just one-month of our activities, students and teachers experience:
    • new abilities to be calm and find focus;
    • awareness and abilities to integrate mindful movement and breathing into daily activities to self-regulate physical, emotional and mental levels;
    • increase in physical and emotional flexibility;
    • 44% increase in core strength and 16% increase in upper body strength;
    • increased awareness and use of multiple languages;
    • increased willingness to make good choices for self, others and the environment.

    Mindful and OHMazing® Strategies for Students and Teachers
    (MOSST) are workshops and trainings with manuals for schools, PTOs, museums, families and other educational sites. Depending on the needs of each site, we teach tools and techniques both as distinct activities and integrated into existing curricula to empower faculty, staff, students and families to relax and rejuvenate as needed, along with employing wellness into daily lives. 

MOSST In-Services, Trainings, Workshops, and Presentations include:

  • Evidence-based self-regulation tools and techniques for teachers and students;
  • Fun, engaging, interactive demonstrations, discussions, and activities with Yogiños founder Elizabeth Reese, Ph.D. and/or other Yogiños leaders;
  • Discussions and activities about team-building, cooperation, anti-bullying, and tolerance;
  • Foundational theories and practices for teaching yoga to families and youth of all ages in a variety of settings, especially schools;
  • Each program catered to needs of specific groups
  • Cost for Retreats and In-services:
     $125/hour with 3-hour minimum and 6-hours recommended 
for In-Services (multiple schools can share the 
time and receive a 10% discount);
     Travel expenses not included 

  • FMI: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


MOSST Bilingual Educational & Interdisciplinary Kits are a available alone and in conjunction with MOSST trainings and related curricula and programs. The Toolbox includes bilingual DVDs, music CD, posters, books, and custom yoga mats.

Option 1: I Am OHMazing® Kit features interdisciplinary lessons and unit plans, educational and yoga philosophies, menu of self-regulation activities, and more;

Option 2: Reading Heroes Kit features lessons and a unit plan with tools and techniques to help pre- and early readers relax and focus and develop patience and confidence toward academic achievement, and more;

Both kits include (most products shown above):

  • I Am OHMazing® music CD with Earth Salutation mini-poster;
  • Yogiños: Yoga for Youth® award-winning DVDs, 
The Story of Ganesha and Vishnu’s OHMazing® Journeys;
  • OHMazing® A to Z Kids’ Yoga (Bilingual) Coloring Book;
  • FUNdamentals of Breathing and Yoga activity book;
  • Bilingual, full-size posters, Earth Salutation and Sun Salutation;
  • Latex-free, custom yoga mats (2);
  • Bilingual and Interactive Classroom Cards (see front image);
  • Curriculum Guide with interdisciplinary lessons, units, and daily menus of suggested activities;
  • With In-Service receive at no extra cost: Mindful Movement Across the USA: experience 50 states
through interdisciplinary lesson plans featuring mindful movement
  • Packaged and shipped in durable container;
  • eCommunication and/or site-visits with Elizabeth B. Reese, Ph.D., E-RYT, RCYT, and Yogiños Leaders
  • Cost Bilingual Educational Kits:
    $175/kit with a minimum 3-hour training; 
discount for 3+ kits; In-Service Training recommended. 
$195/kit without In-Service Training.
     Shipping included for 1-2 kits

  • FMI: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Why kids yoga in schools?

Current brain, academic and cardiovascular research provide scientific evidence that practices related specifically to yoga and breathing techniques offer:

~ 27% increase in GABA levels (calmness, anti-anxiety);

~ Improved academic achievement through learning how to improve focus and handle stress;

~ Increased academic interest through providing integrated movement in traditionally sedentary, academic settings;

~ Interactive experiences with team-building, cooperation and tolerance.

Sarah Herrington, author of OmSchooled, reports that:

-yoga improves academic performance, physical health, student behavior and self esteem.

-yoga reduces feelings of frustration and aggression

-yoga is for every child regardless of physical, emotional or mental ability and has been shown especially helpful for special needs children

-yoga is a life-long exercise that is low-cost and requires no equipment other than the body and therefore works in the classroom and under tight budgets

-yoga can ease test anxiety, helps kids learn to concentrate and focus through practice and arms children with tools for regulating their own emotions, leading to healthier emotional lives

-yoga can help children dealing with mood disorders, eating disorders, and childhood obesity

-yoga helps kids learn to respect themselves and respect others

-while yoga serves the whole child (body, mind and spirit) it is not a religious exercise and therefore is for everyone.  yoga is simply, and profoundly, about learning to breathe, move your body, get in touch with your emotions and thoughts, act with care and love to the world and those individuals around you.  it’s been shown that kids who practice yoga learn to think and breathe before they act, which in and of itself can drastically change a school environment.

-schools with yoga practices or programs deal with less interpersonal conflict, and children learn to manage their own emotions and practice getting along with all kinds of people in yoga class.